Titel: Post Breakup Sex
Schrijfster: Sibylla Matilde
Serie: Copperline #1
Genre: New Adult
Gepubliceerd: januari 2015
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She was the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen. Pure class. Old money. I never stood a chance... until she broke up with her dickhead of a boyfriend and went off the rails.

Brannon Forrester doesn't expect much from life. He coasts through aimlessly. No real ties. Nothing to hold him back. Hanging out with his best friend, lead singer of a local bar band, he lives for pleasure, out of the spotlight but with all the excess of the band's small-town fame. After all, why should he be good when the only woman he really wants will never give him the time of day?

Then, one night at an after party, Sophie Buchanan walks through the door. In an attempt to throw caution to the wind and dream out loud, she looks to him as a guide to the wild side. As someone who can show her all the excitement and recklessness her world has been missing. He plunges her into a reality of fervent passion... and heartbreaking betrayal.

Their roles have been set. He has only ever been a good time. She has only ever been a pretty face. It would be insane for them to fall in love. But when emotion complicates lust, can the caution of the mind suppress the will of the heart?

Super sexy, hot en verteld vanuit de pov van Brannon en dat maakt het extra leuk!
Het heeft een leuke verhaallijn met een pikante bucket list die Sophie af wil werken en Brannon helpt haar maar al te graag een handje.

‣ Sexy quote:

I was a two-bit man-ho. My track record with women was deplorable. I never had, or even wanted, more than a cheap thrill. Not until her. Not until Sophie.

In deze zondagse rubriek zet ik hedendaagse erotische en sexy New Adult/Adult novels in het zonnetje.
Het zijn boeken waarvan ik geen uitgebreide review wil schrijven maar waarvan ik vind dat ze wel een plaatsje op de blog verdienen.
De sterren waardering is vervangen door een duimpje.